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Providing and planning for your family’s future in the event of your death is one of the most important gifts you can give to your family. Without an estate plan, your assets may not be distributed according to your wishes. The Law Office of Dorothy A. Peters can provide you assistance with Living Trusts, Wills (simple & complex), Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Irrevocable Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships and Charitable Giving.

If you have recently married, had a child, inherited money, purchased a home, divorced or experienced another major life change, now is the ideal time to create or revisit your will to ensure that it reflects your current circumstances.

Each estate plan we draft is highly customized to meet your unique family situation, assets, personal goals and values. Therefore, it is impossible to detail your unique plan here. However, below is a description of the tools used and services included in connection with a typical comprehensive estate plan.

While an estate plan is often described as a list of documents, please keep in mind that in deciding to draft an estate plan you are paying for more than a pile of paperwork. In choosing an estate-planning attorney you are choosing the counselor who will draft a plan that your family must live with after you are gone; you are choosing the advisor upon whom your loved ones will depend at their most difficult times; and you are creating a relationship with your attorney that should last for life.

Revocable Living Trust is a document that directs the disposition of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries and eliminates the need for probate and/or conservatorship proceedings with regard to all assets transferred into trust.

Credit Shelter Trust/Bypass Trust is a document often drafted for the benefit of married couples who are interested in minimizing estate tax and/or asset protection; it can also ensure that your spouse and children will be protected from lawsuits and unintentional disinheritance (which can occur with multiple marriages).

Common Trust and/or Separate Trust is a document drafted to ensure that your assets are protected for the benefit of your children and future generations; such a document can also protect assets from lawsuits or the divorce proceedings of your children.

Pour-Over Will(s) is a document ensuring that all property is transferred to your chosen beneficiaries, even if a particular asset was never transferred into trust during your lifetime.

Nomination of guardians is for your minor children.

Durable Power of Attorney is a document authorizing your spouse or another trusted person to sign documents on your behalf and handle your financial affairs; particularly helpful in the event of incapacity.

Advance Healthcare Directive(s) is a document which provides directions to physicians and family members regarding continuation of life support systems and other medical treatment preferences.

Grant Deed drafting and filing enables a Grant Deed transferring title to your home into your revocable living trust; a Preliminary Change of Ownership form to avoid tax reassessment of your property; and letters to your homeowners and title insurance companies to ensure that your trust is covered under your policies.

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